Dr Anjana De Almeida General Practitioner

Dr Carl Loveridge General Practitioner

Dr Chrys Michaelides General Practitioner

Dr Chrys Michaelides has been a GP for more than 35 years, and has a special interest in chronic disease management. He has been running structured mini-clinic care of diabetes since 1988, and has been involved in multi-disciplinary diabetes programmes at a community level since the early 1990’s initially with a podiatrist and dietitian. Dr Michaelides has been involved with numerous advisory boards dealing with GP education for the development of programmes to help optimise outcomes for GPs and their patients through a structured care model. His current model of care is the fully integrated team approach to chronic disease management including exercise physiologist, psychologist, podiatrist, dietitian, practice nurse, and clinical measurement nurse.

Dr Judith Ridd General Practitioner

Dr Ming Gao General Practitioner

Dr Ming Gao graduated from Griffin Medical School in 2010 and completed his Fellowship of General Practitioner plus extra training to become a medical acupuncturist. He is passionate about holistic care, treating pain without using pain killers and pays attention to his patients’ psychological well being. Dr Gao is bilingual and speaks fluent Mandarin. Other than medicine, he has many other interests including bike riding and bush walking. He says the next challenge for him is to play violin sounds like a bird not a cat.

Dr Olga Simeonidis General Practitioner

Dr Kris Fawcett Skin Cancer Medicine Practitioner

Dr Kris FawcettDr Kris Fawcett graduated from University of Queensland and has now worked almost exclusively in skin cancer medicine for the last 18 years. Her post graduate training includes Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine (A.C.C.O), Certificate of Advanced Dermoscopy and Digital Imaging (U.Q.), and Accreditation with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

Her scope of practice within Molescan encompasses complete dermoscopic skin examinations; digital dermoscopic imaging of lesions as required; biopsy, excision, electrosurgery, cryotherapy; non surgical management of skin lesions as appropriate; skin protection, repair and anti ageing advice.

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Angelica Berkeley Podiatrist

Diana Peterson Psychologist

Svet Borojević Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Exercise Scientist

Svet BorojevicSvet Borojević graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Human Movement studies. Svet is accredited with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) the peak professional body for exercise and sports science in Australia. He is dual accredited in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Science and has spent time training in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic pain at The Wesley Hospital. He has also attended practicum in cardiovascular rehabilitation at the Ipswich Cardiac Hospital. The largest part of his career made up of ten years full time clinical experience is in private practice in Brisbane. Svet has performed roles of senior exercise physiologist within allied health clinics and has gained valuable knowledge at the highest level of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular rehabilitation. He has gained advanced experience in safe and effective exercise programming, physical health and conditioning assessments and graded exercise therapy which has led to Svet being a leader in exercise physiology treatment for injury rehabilitation and optimal performance. He believes strongly in tailored exercise prescription and its role in effective health management and particularly enjoys treating elite athletes, aspiring athletes, managing post surgical patients, chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions and general population. Svet is currently Head of Exercise Physiology at St George Football Club Brisbane and enjoys treating high performing athletes.His dedication to exercise and sport science has assisted many clients recover from injury, manage chronic conditions and return to optimal performance. Svet is looking forward to helping you on your way to improved health and performance.

Kristina Casiotis Exercise Physiologist

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